Noel Rea
Senior Director, Hospital Administrator, NetworxHealth

Noel Rea

Noel Rea leads NetworxHealth and works to understand the clients’ concerns, issues and budgets. He draws on NetworxHealth’s depth of staffing resources and networks to select the right healthcare experts to help hospitals and medical centers solve their problems. He knows the importance of finding the right fit for culture, quality and affordability.

Noel Rea has 25 years of healthcare experience including:

  • Strategic Business Development
  • Physician Alignment
  • Labor Negotiations
  • Organizational Culture
  • New Business Acquisition
  • Capital Project Development
  • Organizational Culture Elevation
  • Congressional Partnerships
  • Organization Health Care Quality
  • Complex Negotiations
  • Goal Alignment
  • Community Engagement
  • Change Implementation
  • Organization Visioning
  • Staffing Development and Motivation

Professional background:

Noel Rea is a healthcare executive specializing in issues that impact rural and underserved communities and is commonly referred to as the “turn around guy” for rural facilities. He finds great fulfillment helping rural communities mired in conflict take steps to build a brighter healthcare future by offering practical assistance that makes sense for a facility’s unique reality. He is no stranger to engaging community leadership in difficult conversations and helping boards and leaders find their strength and voice in a seemingly complex and political healthcare climate. Noel has over 25 years of healthcare experience. He has led teams to prevent facility closure by state agencies, facilitated difficult labor negotiations and helped communities solve complex physician situations and navigate the murky waters of healthcare capital projects.

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