Regulatory Compliance – From a client at a small urban hospital

“Our Networxhealth compliance expert quickly developed strong working relationships with current staff at all levels of the organization.  Our consultant was part of our team from day one.  We really appreciated her positive, “can do” attitude. She identified areas with the most significant risk and gave us a place to start. She provided education in personal support that helped our staff make sense of regulatory requirements and understand the reasons for making necessary compliance changes. Just as an example, no prior consultants have known enough or cared enough to go into the sub-basement boiler system to help our new Facility Engineers create and implement an acceptable corrective action plan. This plan ensured staff and patient safety and kept us in compliance with state, CMS, and federal requirements.”  –a satisfied NetworxHealth client

Pharmacy Support – From a client at a medium-sized rural hospital

A community hospital, struggling financially, needed an interim pharmacy director to provide critical leadership in many areas. Our experienced NetworxHealth experienced pharmacy director was able to achieve these key goals among others:

1)      Spearheaded the Pharmacy OPPS Revenue audit to recover over $700,000 in one years’ net revenue

2)      Established Pharmacy Verified Medication Orders in Emergency Department 24 hrs per day, 7 days a week

3)      Implemented hospital-based Pharmacy medication management oversight of new primary care clinics

4)      Demonstrated leadership with Pharmacy staff in “right-sizing” as the hospital restructures FTE headcounts

Finance Support – From a medium-sized rural hospital

“By managing the financial affairs of this smaller rural hospital and reviewing 2018 budgets for accuracy and accountability, I was able to make sure reliable data was used now and in the future.

Financial leadership was missing at the hospital and the managers were grateful to have education and direction. The CEO was new and needed guidance as well as the board members. I could work closely with them all to provide support and make certain the hospital was solid financially to serve the community.”  – NetworxHealth Finance Director Consultant.